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Zursh Wallet Service Terms & Conditions


Zursh, Inc. (“Zursh”), a Delaware corporation, provides an automated platform (the “Platform”) for use by clients (“Requestors”) wanting to send research requests to professional researchers, academic professionals and representatives of research companies (“Researchers” or “you”). These guidelines (the “Guidelines” or “Terms & Conditions”) expand upon the terms of your service between you and Zursh entered into upon your registration with the Platform or your confirmation of receipt of these document via email. These Guidelines and Terms & Conditions apply t o all aspects of your participation in the Platform as a Researcher. Violations of these Guidelines and Terms & Conditions may result in immediate termination your relationship with Zursh, as well as, in some cases, other legal penalties under applicable law. In appropriate cases, Zursh may report violations to governmental or regulatory authorities. During your participation in the Platform, you will be expected to act professionally and in good faith, and at all times in a manner consistent with these Guidelines. These Guidelines and Terms & Conditions are provided as a resource to assist you in working on research requests for Requestors. However, you are solely responsible for ensuring that you do not violate any law, rule, regulation, contractual agreement, fiduciary or other obligation or duty, or any ethical standards or codes of conduct to which you are subject.

If you have any questions that are not answered by these Guidelines and Terms & Conditions, please contact Zursh at compliance@zursh.com


Zursh Wallet is a service offered by Zursh to its registered researchers (Professional researchers, academic professionals and representatives of research companies) and research report publishers. Zursh Wallet is a medium to accept payment from the Requestors/Clients on behalf of researchers. If researchers cannot accept payment via Paypal - our primary payment option, then they can opt for Zursh wallet where Zursh disburse payments from clients to researchers every billing period - which is approximately 20 business days.

  • In the reports platform, once a report is purchased, the payment - adjusted for Zursh royalty fee, will be stored in the researcher's Zursh wallet account and will be released every billing cycle;
  • In the open marketplace, after a deliverable is sent by the researcher and approved by the client, the payment will be stored in the researcher's Zursh wallet account and will be released every billing cycle.

Zursh Wallet is a temporary provision to place earnings from Zursh, it must not be considered as a long term provision to store funds. For more information about Zursh wallet, please refer to this page.


Individuals and/or an entities that are registered with Zursh as a researcher of research report publisher, are eligible for Zursh Wallet if they satisfy the minimum requirements below:

  • Researcher/Publisher must be a verified active Zursh user;
  • Researcher/Publisher must be able to legally accept payments from local and international business entities and from individual clients in US Dollars;
  • Researcher/Publisher must be legally allowed to conduct, operate and sell research in international markets and in online Marketplace platforms such as Zursh.

Zursh Wallet

1. Payment Process

For researchers and report publishers, that opted for Zursh wallet , every research request delivery and every report sale will be processed in this manner:

Once the Requestor/Client selects the best proposal (in the open marketplace), or the best research report in (the reports marketplace), adjusted payment will be added to the researcher's account. Zursh will process the balance of each researcher/publisher and disburse payment to the researcher/publisher monthly (or every billing period which is ~20 business days).

As part of the process, Zursh will communicate with researcher / publisher via email (or phone) to collect further information regarding preferred payout method (see Payment Methods section for this). Researchers / publishers can verify all records of disbursement in their Zursh payment dashboard.

2. Zursh Wallet Balance and Disbursement

Any amount placed in Zursh Wallet earned by fulfilling a research request or by selling research reports will be placed into the researcher's wallet balance accordingly

For researchers with Zursh wallet account, The researcher's bid price (for research requests) and/or report price (for research reports) will be accumulated in the researcher’s balance. This amount will be adjusted for Zursh fees and will be recorded as revenues for researchers. Payments will be sent to the associated researcher / publisher every month or every billing period (~20 business days) and are not intended to be stored in Zursh wallet account for a long period of time.